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IT governance, risk & compliance (GRC) solutions, backed by best-practice infrastructure architecture & management, enterprise cloud services and big data security analytics.


With a vision to redefine the role of outsourced IT management, our solutions integrate at a strategic level and define clients' information technology direction based on measurable controls.

People Processes Technology
With headquarters in Johannesburg and both national and international footprint, Six Square Networks has grown from a fledgling startup to a provider of industry-leading managed services, made up of a group of talented and committed individuals that hold a host of industry-leading certifications and thrive on working in a dynamic organisation that places a high level of importance in their project diversity, career development, and personal well-being. Six Square Networks has designed and implemented a library of best-practice processes and methodologies that cater specifically to the needs and demands of medium-sized organisations and has established stringent in-house quality management systems that not only ensure industry-leading service delivery, but also enable us to build and maintain long-term customer relationships that are based on trust and dependability. With infrastructure deployed in South Africa, Europe and the United States, Six Square Networks has invested heavily in its own core technology and manages a global network of scalable and fault-tolerant systems that not only adapt to our clients' growing performance and capacity needs, but also intelligently distributes workload across geographically dispersed locations depending on availability and congestion, thereby making our network highly reliable and resilient.

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Strategic Consulting

Our clients rely on us to provide them with the strategic insight and direction required to align their IT capabilities with business objectives and to ensure that the appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines are in place to meet regulatory requirements.
Advisory services Technology Alignment Policies, Procedures
& Guidelines
With more than 10 years of experience, industry-leading certifications and a deep understanding of industry-specific regulatory requirements, we are able to guide and deliver on Governance, Risk & Compliance objectives that not only meet external assurance requirements, but create value too. Gap analysis enables us to assess your current capabilities and technology requirements, and to prioritise & direct your information technology efforts to ensure ongoing alignment with business strategy. By implementing a top-down approach, boardroom decisions are tactically implemented and enforced by means of Policies, Procedures & Guidelines and carry both the financial and management support needed to succeed.
Project Management Industry trends
With a history of successful project outcomes that can be attributed to our focus on execution, solid organisational & financial management, technical proficiency, as well as people management skills, we inspire trust by consistently delivering according to scope, on time and within budget. Through ongoing participation in industry-leading forums, seminars and conferences, we maintain the industry insight required to keep you ahead of the technology curve and leverage those advances to improve your business strategy.  

Infrastructure Management

six square networks enables clients to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT operations by implementing best-practice frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT to manage the performance, capacity and availability of their environments, thereby illustrating the value of their IT efforts.

Asset Management

Establishing and maintaining an accurate, comprehensive and complete hardware asset registry forms the basis of business technology management and serves as the enabler for infrastructure, security and service-delivery management.

Licensing Compliance

Getting the most value from your software investment requires more than simply purchasing the right number of licenses and requires a deep understanding of different licensing models, upgrade and downgrade rights, as well as software assurance to ensure that one always has access to the latest versions, patches and updates.

User Lifecycle Management

The importance of managing the full user lifecycle from employment to termination, as well as movements within various teams and departments is critical to ensuring that all users always have the appropriate access and authorisation to perform their specific roles and responsibilities.

Datacentre Management

With considerations ranging from physical access and video surveillance to fire suppression, air quality and clean power provisioning, we manage your datacentre environment to ensure that your mission-critical servers and networking systems operate under optimal conditions.

Server Management

Stable, efficient, hardened and fault-tolerant systems are achieved by implementing business-aligned policies and best practice methodologies, all enforced and monitored by our automated real-time technical controls, across your entire server infrastructure, from stand-alone servers to high-density blade environments.

Network Management

Network traffic is the life-blood of any information technology infrastructure and needs to be carefully managed and monitored to ensure that it flows freely without bottlenecks or interruption, but also needs to have the required control over the network to ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of the information being transmitted is protected and that only authorised devices have access to the network.

Endpoint Management

Desktops and laptops need to be carefully selected and managed to ensure that they are in line with company policy and the standard operating environment and that the appropriate equipment is used by appropriate user groups, depending on the classification of information to be processed, and that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect such data.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices bring new opportunities and risks to your company's infrastructure and need to be leverged in a way that enables and protects your organisation without jeopardising the privacy of the individual. By implementing a container-based approach, one can separate business data from personal data, allowing your organisation's policies to be enforced on the business data, thereby enabling features such as password complexity, two-factor authentication, data encryption and remote wipe.

Monitoring & Alerting

With systems and devices generating thousands of log events per month and with the volume of performance metric data available, a centralised and intelligent monitoring and event logging solution is the only way to achieve system-wide operational visibility and serves as the pulse of your organisation's information technology infrastructure. The ability to search and correlate monitoring data not only provides previously unattainable operational insight, but also drastically reduces the time required to isolate anomalies and provides a critical audit trail for assurance purposes.

Capacity Management

By evaluating the steady stream of monitoring data received, we can determine which systems are reaching either their storage or processing capacity and pro-actively replace or upgrade them before it becomes a problem, ultimately reducing unforeseen downtime.

Performance Management

By monitoring key performance metrics such as cpu and memory usage across all mission-critical systems, as well as network utilisation data such as packets per second and throughput per second, we are able to confirm and ensure that systems are performing within their designed operating parameters and are able to pro-actively investigate any anomalies, whilst correlating data with our monitoring and event logging systems, to determine the root cause of the problem.

Patch Management

Whether systems need to be updated to fix bugs or vulnerabilites, or whether performance or stability enhanchements are distributed, we provide a centralised platform that notifies us of available patches, to assess which systems are eligible or require updating and the ability to test, authorise and automate the rollout of such patches.

Business Continuity Planning

Every aspect of an organisation's people, processes and technology needs to be assessed to establish a level of tolerance or acceptable risk in the event of failure or disaster and needs to be aligned with the organisation's risk management program to reflect the overall risk posture. BCP is a strategic, policy-driven approach that results in the documentation of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster does strike, a well-documented and thought-through plan will help reduce the technology risk to an acceptable level, which would have been discussed and formally approved by management as part of their Business Continuity Planning excercise. The Disaster Recovery Plan makes provisions for Restore-time objectives, Restore-point objectives, as well as for alternative sites, depending on the scope and impact of the disaster.

Information Security

six square networks offers a complete range of managed security services comprising risk & threat assessment, vulnerability management, security audit and incident response based on the ANSI/ISO 27000 series of information security standards

Six Square Network's Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) enhances your security and compliance capabilities:

IT Risk Management Data Classification Vulnerability Management
By understanding the technology risks that your organisation is exposed to and by going through a process of quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess the impact and expected frequency of each risk, your organisation can choose to either accept, transfer or mitigate each risk and be sure that your focus is on the appropriate risks. Knowing what information to protect and what the appropriate protection measures need to be is crucial to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance requirements of your data. By classifying all data into appropriate categories, one can ensure that each category is protected with the proper policies and mechanisms. As a result of ongoing security research by software vendors and security researchers, new vulnerabilities and exploits are announced daily, requiring a close eye on a variety of security advisory sources in order to assess your organisation's exposure and the potential impact on your information technology operations.
Security Audit Intrusion Detection Incident Response & Escalation
Ongoing periodic security audits provide internal assurance that your information technology environment is compliant with the organisation's policies, procedures and guidelines, as well as regulatory requirements, industry best practices and standards. In order to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your organisation's risk mitigation efforts, real-time analysis of the protection mechanisms needs to be undertaken to ensure that known attacks are blocked and that unknown anomalies are investigated accordingly. Whether it be a system compromise, a malware infection or non-compliance with an internal policy, having a capable incident response team and a structured incident response plan is crucial to not only containing the impact of the incident, but also meeting legal evidence collection requirements to ensure that the matter can be escalated to the relevant authorities if required.

Cloud Solutions

Ranging from public and private cloud solutions to fixed-line and mobile broadband connectivity, as well as web and e-mail hosting solutions, six square networks provides a complete range of managed internet solutions that enable clients to achieve central control, support and monitoring of their cloud infrastructure

Fibre Connectivity

With the benefits of uncapped, synchronous upstream and downstream bandwidth of up to 100Mbits/sec, static IP addresses and quality of service that is prioritised for business-critical services such as VPN and VOIP, as well as service-level agreements to guarantee availability and performance, our fibre solutions are geared for organisations whose business depend on reliable connectivity.

ADSL Connectivity

Our ADSL solutions provide clients with the exact level of control and flexibility that they need to efficiently run their organisations, offering both capped and uncapped solutions at rates of up to 40Mbits/sec with varying levels of bandwidth prioritisation available and no fixed-term contracts. Included bandwidth utilisation monitoring and alerting helps ensure that you always have sufficient bandwidth, whilst ongoing reporting ensures that you're never over-subscribed.

Domain Management

Offering the full range of available domain namespaces, our domain registration and management solution ensures that your privacy is protected by acting as proxy on your behalf and never disclosing your your information as the registrant of the domain. We further protect your domain name by ensuring that the domain is locked and cannot be transferred, as well as managing the renewal cycle to ensure that your domain name registration does not lapse and subsequently become available to 3rd parties for registration.

Website Hosting

Whether CMS-driven, static or bespoke, hosting your organisation's website on secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure is crucial to managing your brand reputation and knowing that your corporate website is always available, the integrity of its content is intact and that underlying technology is constantly monitored and maintained, means you have one less thing to worry about.

E-Mail Hosting

Our e-mail hosting infrastructure provides multiple layers of functionality and protection to ensure that both inbound and outbound e-mail is scanned for malware and spam, that client-specific mail delivery policies are enforced and that data retention compliance is achieved through our inline mail archiving service. Our solution also protects you in the event that your on-site mail server goes offline by queueing your mail for up to five days and enables clients to reduce their attack surface by only accepting incoming mail connections from our infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Ranging from public and private cloud server infrastructure to an ever-increasing range of cloud services that provide everything from CRM, Accounting and Payroll services to Productivity, Mailing List and Social Media management, we can help you plan and implement your cloud adoption strategy in a way that not only makes sense from a cost and productivity perspective, but also from an Identity and Access Management point of view to ensure that your users are using these services in a way that complies with your security policy and without overwhelming them with yet another set of login credentials.

Managed VPN

Connect your branch offices to head-office in a way that makes not only technical, but also financial sense and at the same time provides unparalleled performance and fault tolerance. Six Square Networks monitors the availability of all connections, manages the performance of the virtual private network and ensures that all communication is securely transmitted.

Service Delivery,
Maintenance & Support

By implementing service-level agreements that factor in priority and complexity to faciliate service requests, support incidents, change management and problem management, six square networks is able to ensure that clients' users and systems are optimally supported and maintained

Service-level Agreements

By building a service-level agreement that suits the exact requirements of your organisation, you can ensure guaranteed response times to service requests and incidents that take into account the priority and complexity of each situation and benefit from reduced in-contract rates that are billed in 15-minute increments.

Change Management

The importance of assessing and managing the scope and impact of each required technical change on the operating environment and maintaining a complete audit trail of changes is vital not only from a planning perspective, but also from a risk management point of view.

Incident Management

Unforeseen events, whether support orientated or security-event orientated require a clear, pre-determined and transparent response in order to isolate and remediate matters before they escalate, which is where our contact centre and incident response teams play a critical role.

Request Management

By building an ITIL-based service catalogue that caters to foreseen, predictable requests such as new user additions and password resets, the process can be largely automated and controlled to ensure efficiency and consistency, therby driving down costs and reducing risk.

Problem Management

Using correlation to identify patterns between seemingly unrelated support incidents, we are able to establish the existence of underlying problems that stem from a common root cause. This allows us to focus our attention on addressing the problem rather than the individual symptoms, which ultimately reduces the scope and impact of the problem.

Supply-chain Management

six square networks is partnered with all leading hardware and software vendors and is therefore able to supply, support and facilitate all warranty claims, as well as interact with upstream service providers on our clients' behalf, ultimately reducing the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors and service providers

Vendor Management

By acting on your behalf with all third-party technology vendors and service providers, we are able to increase efficiency and reduce frustration by operating as a single point of contact that fully understands your operational requirements and controls your IT infrastructure.

Procurement Management

The implementation of a standard operating environment not only reduces the complexity of managing heterogeneous systems, but also enables economies of scale and simplifies warranty management, which is why so many of our clients consolidate their technology procurement to six square networks.

Warranty Management

Centralised warranty management allows the warranty replacement and repair process to be controlled and ensures that all data contained on equipment is securely backed up before being handed over to the repair centre and is ultimately handled by the least number of third parties.